Good design is found at the intersection of identity, health and the haptic experience.


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Hi there

A bit about Katrina

Pursuing a BID in Industrial and Interaction Design from Syracuse University, I strive for wellness in my work. This means promoting an interplay of good personal health, social equity, and a healthy environment. Improving these three qualities is, in my mind, a sign of good design.

Growing up near Saratoga Springs NY,  I’ve had the beautiful Adirondack Forest in my backyard my entire life.

This has inspired a lifetime of adventure. Be it on a road bike pedaling across the North East, in trusty Vasque© hiking boots trekking across the arid flatlands of Nevada, or clipping carabiners onto bolts the sunbaked slabs of Utah while sending a pitch, I welcome adventure in any form. Knowing the quality of my equipment gives me the confidence to do what some may find incredible with a peaceful mind, and this is precisely the types of products I wish to produce in my professional career.



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